In commercial environments we perform wiring and installation of all electrical systems and provide services in large buildings like shopping malls, educational institutions, office spaces, restaurants, government buildings, large venues and high rises.

The services we offer include: planning , supervising and execution of electrical installations systems for existing & new constructions – Preparing, reading and using technical drawings. Following state, local and national guidelines for wiring of electrical systems – Installing wiring and all electrical components, such as panels, conduits, switches, lights etc. Ensure proper maintenance & when needed diagnose and repair problems in wiring and electrical components – Inspecting electrical systems to assure safe operations, while staying always in compliance with governing regulations.


In residential buildings, from a single family home all the way to large multi-apartment buildings and housing communities , our knowledgeable and approachable staff execute all aspects of electrical installations from 100 all the way to 1200+ amps per each project’s requirements.

While our primary focus is safety and compliance with all necessary electrical codes , another important aspect of our work is to provide our clients with aesthetically pleasing results, per their interior decoration preferences. Professional results with style is what all our clients receive when choosing our company for their electrical needs.

EV Charging

Electrifying America is also part of our mission by providing top-of-the-line electric vehicle charging stations along with high quality installations to business owners and large venues. When you are interested in installing electric car chargers at your commercial property, we implement a variety of different electric vehicle chargers from top manufacturers such as Tesla & ChargePoint. We extend our experience to your job project as we are able to handle any electric voltage & vehicle charging station installation job safely and professionally.

EV charging is no longer the future but a clear and present exploding reality and Gatsons Electric is fully prepared and equipped to serve your needs in this field.


Our experienced team is fully qualified in delivering large scale industrial projects. Comprised of electrical engineers, service technicians, certified electricians and project managers to design electrical plans, manage, and complete different types of industrial electrical installations in different contexts such as machinery wiring, manufacturing lines, water treatment plants, recycling plants, mining and public service facilities for example.


With our full-service commercial custom automations solutions we upgrade your space using cutting edge technologies and by integrating advanced systems to achieve more productivity, security, efficiency quality and safety.
One such application for example is when we utilize and install Facial Recognition via CCTV. With these systems you are able to control access in certain areas and also receive automated alerts should an unauthorized person tries to access or even approach predetermined restricted areas, based on certain individuals profile.